Icons of Sanguinity in Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s Novels

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Dr. N. Vadivu


Women have always played a momentous role in every single society and culture.When women are subordinated there has always been a sort of dissent and resistance,sometimes communal and conscious, but most of the times being distinct. Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, a professed diasporic and feminist writer of the Indian diaspora in the US, surpasses in probing the profound depths of women’s sensibility.Her novels probe into the emotional bond, desires, and struggles which the women characters, go through in the process of their growth. Feminismis a worldwide movement that aids in procuring complete freedom to womenethically, conscientiously, politically, lawfullyand economically. This paper focuses on the immigrants’ feminine experiences fromthe perspective of their idiosyncrasy, exploitations, sense of otherness andbelongingness, alienation, hybridism, pursuit of identity; endeavour to beaccommodated in an alien culture and the transformation they endure while living inAmerica. To be in diaspora offers one an occasion to compare one’s life in twodifferent places - native and alien - and simultaneously fabricate one’s identity.Women in the fictional world of Divakaruni not only come out of the abode but also show adequate audacity to cross national and racial barriers.

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