Turbulent Relationship between Parents and Adolescent in Rohinton Mistry’s Short Story Exercisers

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Dr. C. Shahin Banu, J. Partheban


Adolescent age is a period of biological and psychosocial changes which make turbulent relationship between parents and children. Turbulent conflicts between parents and children are more frequent andextreme during adolescence. Adolescents feel that their parents need to trust them and give freedom for their decision. As a parent they influence their child's basic values, religious values, status in society, and educational choices are mostly just concerned for their bright future.Parents have to restructure responsibilities to children and move toward an unrestricted relationship. Parents’guidance and support with positive advice can switch to a stronger relationship with children.Rohinton Mistry’s short stories describe the problems that Indian immigrants face in Canada. His stories illustrate his immigrant characters’ fear, hope, desire, ambition and tension in the country of their residence. Mistry’s works show struggle between tradition and modernity with the influence of western culture. The aim of the paper is to analyse the psychosocial problem of turbulent relationship between parents and adolescent in Rohinton Mistry’s Short Story Exercisers.

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