Effects of the Perceived Self Efficacy Intervention Program on Breast Feeding Promotion for Adolescent Mothers in Ongkharak, Thailand

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P. Sasikala, Suree Nung-Alee, Prapaporn Suwanakut


The World Health Organization has recommended specialized breastfeeding as an important strategy to reduce infant mortality, especially in developing countries. Self-efficacy Breastfeeding is very important and is considered as one excellent variable in determining parameters such as selection Breastfeeding, trying to adapt and solve problems encountered during lactation. Self-efficacy is a variable and adjustable variable and can be improved by implementing appropriate training program. Self-efficacy of breastfeeding is an appropriate theory Framework for directing interventions should be considered for increasing the duration of lactation. Prolonged breastfeeding promotes sensory and cognitive development, protects infants from infectious and chronic diseases, and reduces infant mortality due to childhood illnesses such as diarrhoea and pneumonia. Lack of knowledge in self efficacy on breastfeeding leads to believe myths and next generation will continue the same pace.  Due to lack of support from elders or parents breastfeeding can be problematic for young mothers. This leads to increased risk of mental health and behavioural problems in their children. However, the experience of breastfeeding by young mothers at study area has not been well studied. In order to address the self efficacy and knowledge gap study aimed to examine the self efficacy behaviours of mothers and imparting intervention program to enhance the self efficacy on breastfeeding practices among Thai young mothers at study area. The study has been executed on 60 young mothers between July 2021 and November 2021 were analysed. The results of the study showed that the intervention program has significantly increased the mother's self-efficacy in breastfeeding and the duration of exclusive breastfeeding. The Thai young mothers got knowledge on importance of breastfeeding and its nutritional benefits of exclusive breastfeeding. Based on the results of the study, statistics available in Ongkharak, Thailand, can be drawn attention of health professional officials to give high importance of intervention programs for young mothers about exclusive breastfeeding.

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