Comparative Study to Assess the Quality Management Process in Preview of Six Sigma DMAIC Methodology among Government and Private Hospitals of Pune City

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Dr. Dipak Sethi, Prof. Urmila Bhardwaj, R. Sree Raja Kumar


Health care organization aims to provide quality care to patient with good patient satisfaction. Many private hospitals have adopted many strategies to increase the patient satisfaction level. However, government hospitals are still need to look forward towards better patient care. Six sigma is one of the latest approach, which has not yet accepted by the health care industry fully. This paper aims to assess the knowledge and attitude regarding Six-Sigma DMAIC methodology among government and private hospitals. Sixty-two samples of nurse administrators ward in- charge, nurse educators were taken by purposive sampling. Pre-experimental approach was used to assess the level of knowledge by self-administer structured questionnaires and five point Likert scale was used to assess the attitude regarding Six-sigma DMAIC methodology. Results revealed that, Most of the nurse administrators from Government hospitals had average knowledge level (Score 11-20) i.e. 28 %, 12 % were having good knowledge score (Score 21-30) but in private hospital majority i.e. 37 % had good knowledge score (Score 21-30), 13% had average knowledge level (Score 11-20) and only 12 % had poor knowledge score (Score 0-10) respectively. Similarly, as far as attitude was concern, Most of the nurse administrators from Government hospitals had poor attitude score (Score 0-20) i.e. 55 %, only 4 % were having good attitude score (Score 41-60). In private hospital majority i.e. 40 % had poor attitude score (Score 0-20), 8 % had good attitude towards Six-sigma DMAIC approach (Score 41-60) and only 14 % had average attitude score (Score 21-40) respectively and there was very week between knowledge and attitude score of private and government hospitals.

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