Covid-19 Biomedical Waste Management in India: A Review

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Kartika Panwar, Itika Dadhich, Mayank Dave, Tarun Gehlot


The object of this paper is to study briefly the current scenario of Impacts on Environment due to Bio Medical waste generated due to COVID-19. This review study aims at discussing the linkage between COVID-19 and biomedical waste management. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has already turned healthy places around the world into a living hell with massive death tolls because of its fastest-spreading nature, and continuously leading to lockdowns in almost every part of the world. Amid all the problems so far it created, one significant problem that can create major havoc in this already devastating and contagious atmosphere in a densely populated city is, not handling medical waste properly. It was a systemic review study regarding the relationship between COVID-19 and biomedical waste management.As environmental and public health crisis continues due to Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19), there is an exponential rise in the quantity of biomedical waste in India. While increase in biomedical waste during pandemic is reasonable and foreseeable, an effective solution for medical waste disposal is crucial. Due to severe lacks in management of biomedical waste in India with its poor infrastructure and lack of human resources, has made it more challenging. Therefore, to battle this serious problem, the government has come up with new rules and guidelines under existing Biomedical Waste Rule-2016.

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