Online Restaurant Marketing Strategy for Social Aging

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Korawin Kemapanmanas, Kanokwan Thaipradit


This study extends the online restaurant marketing strategy for social agingto identify what strategies help todevelop an online restaurant marketing strategy for the aging society. Specifically, the objectives of this study were 1) To study behavior and needs of elderly consumers towards online restaurants, and 2)to develop an online restaurant marketing strategy for an aging society. The research found the development of a model for examining the online restaurant marketing strategy for social aging that all components were consistent with the empirical data. The population and the sample were the elderly population in Trang Province who are aged 60 years and over. Using a blended research process consisting of quality research; and quantitative research. The analysis of online restaurant demand among elderly consumers with Principal component analysis technique. Factors affecting acceptance level were analyzed with partial least squares statistical analysis.A study on behaviors and preferences of older consumers towards online restaurants found that the elderly had an idea of ​​ordering food online from their mobile device 1-3 times a month through a store's application and choose to order healthy food. They will pay 100 - 299 baht per time for online food orders and 30 - 40 baht per time for food delivery from online restaurants. which focusing on packaging that can keep food intact sanitary fast-food delivery home delivery service available and food must be freshly prepared. Finally,thedeveloping an online restaurant marketing strategy to support an aging society. The researcher can identify it as a marketing strategy as the model named “5Cs strategy”consists ofCleanliness, Confident, Conveyance, Character, and Convenience.

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