Applying the DSM Decision Tree to the Case of Jenny and Marisol: A Case Study Approach

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Leonard J. Wilbur


This study has established that for the case of Jenny, there is a need for a medical referral due to the severity of her condition, as well as the foreseeable negative features that continue to endanger her social, psychological, and physical health. This inference is informed by major insights arising from the evidence-based research. For the case of Marisol, several symptoms point to dysfunction. Some of these features include a conflict between the family system (in which it is a tight-knit Puerto Rican system) and the social system in the workplace (which constitutes a larger workgroup that has interfered with her initially family-linked comfort zone that she experienced while working for small companies. Also, Marisol presents with symptoms of anxiety because she is not used to a larger social group whenever she goes out with friends and there is evidence of a conflict between her inner feelings and preference for a close-knit system and the nature of the external environment in which she is to accommodate the new group with different demographic characteristics compared to her family and initial work contexts.

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