Social Media’s Impact on Personality and Mental Health Dataset on Using Persona as a Disguising Tool

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Rajeshwari S, Meenakshi S


Background: Personality is an individual’s identity. Changes in personality are allowed depending on the situation and time; but, when they are strongly impacted by external factors such as social media, the person's habits create severe mental health and personality difficulties. It is the goal of this experimental study to investigate how individuals are impacted by the flashy world of social media, which has become their addiction, and how this influences their personality.

Objectives: . This research aims to reveal the true nature of the individual and to aid in the process     of self-evaluation by bringing out their true characteristics.

Methods: This study, the researchers employed quantitative research analyses to get their data. The questionnaire on the influence of social media on one's personality was developed by the researchers. In this study, the random sampling approach was used to collect data. Students, instructors, professors, and researchers have all been selected as examples from a wide range of academic subjects. 

Results: It is the goal of social media sites to capture people's interests, stay active online, and create an institution to check displays often. It is the means through which businesses generate revenue. On the other hand, social media usage can trigger psychological demands in the same way as gambling compulsions or addictions to tobacco, drinks, or narcotics do.

Conclusions: Nowadays, most people use social media on their smartphones. However, although this makes it incredibly handy to stay in contact, it also refers that social media is readily available. Due to the continual popups and notifications, this 24-hour hyper connection can cause urge control issues, as well as interfere with attention and focus. It can also cause sleep disturbances and make us slaves to our phones.

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