Expectations of Consumers Preference for Luxurious Trains of India

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Ms. Arkaja Gupta, Dr. Jayender Verma


Tourism is all about travel to destinations, stay and transport. Tourism includes hotel industry, transport industry, food and catering industry, entertainment industry, and connected industry. Tourism industry is a backbone of any economy. Tourism along with hospitality sectors contributes maximum to the service sector of India. This sector has shown a tremendous change and attracts maximum foreign tourists every year adding to the foreign earnings. Government is taking lot of initiatives to improve the quality of services and enhances and promote variety of tourism packages to domestic tourists as well as foreign tourists.

Transport is one of major dimensions of tourism and responsible for attraction of tourists. In this regards Indian railways has introduced a niche set of tourism products offered to domestic and international tourists to see India with an ancient and majestical view. Luxurious trains offermajestical insights, five-star experience with all amenities of luxury inside the train and takes to the Indian tours to cherish the scenic beauty of India.The paper attempts to study the offerings of these trains in India. The main objective is to analyze the consumer expectations from such luxurious journey.

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