Prevalence of Obesity and Over Weight in Sedentary Female Teachers and Associated Health Problems in Private Schools: - A Cross Sectional Study from NCR Delhi

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Anita Kumari, Dr. Rajesh Dhauta, Dr. Anindita Dass


Obesity and overweight is considered to be major public health problem in both developed and developing countries. Women in cities are more prone to obesity because of limited resources for physical activities, family and work place responsibility etc. The objectives of the present study was to show the risk of obesity among sedentary female school teachers along with other health problem with it. A descriptive cum cross – sectional survey was conducted among 120 sedentary female teacher of NCR from various private school. Anthropometric measurement such as height, body weight, and body composition were measured .BMI was calculated and blood pressure was recorded. Out of 120 subject 43.3% of the teacher were found to be normal with BMI. 56.7% of sedentary teachers were either overweight or obesity 20% of teachers were obese and out of which 7.5% were on the critical mark of the latter class. The mean and S.D for Systolic and diastolic Blood pressure in class II obese teachers was 127.75±11.67 mmHg, for class I, it was 123.66 ± 14.14 mmHg and 78.8 ± 8.04 mmHg respectively. Blood pressure for Overweight category teachers was 123.59 ± 16.05 mmHg, and 78.97 ± 7.8 mmHg. And the mean blood pressure in Normal individuals was under the normal range. The fat accumulation in Class I and class II obese subjects on the supra iliac site was accounted to be 34.25 ± 8.57 mm, for the subscapular region was 33.66 ± 8.84 mm, for triceps and biceps it was 18.70 ± 7.32 mm, and 28.20 ± 5.26 mm respectively.

The study therefore shows over weight and Obesity is a prominent condition that could be associated with a lot of diseases and indicates the health and well-being status of an individual, women particularly sedentary female teachers are at a greater risk of obesity due to various factors, but these numbers could be rectified by active and healthy lifestyle .Physical inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle closely correlate with weight gain, obesity, and also fat accumulation.

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