Effect of Buds Particle on Productivity and Quality When Growing Katta Kurgan Table Variety Grapes by Voish Method

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Egamberdiev Pulatjon Ergashovich, Khodjakulov Fayzi Mardonovich, Julbekov Ibrokhim SalimKul Ogli Abdurayimov Davron Ulugbek Ogli, Atabekov Azamat Shavkatovich, Shermatova Dilfuza Djumanazarova, Raimova Dilnoza Raimovna


The influence of bud particles on the development, self-pollination, phenological phases, and yield composition of table Katta Kurgan grapes is investigated in this research. Six varieties of the Katta Kurgan type were used in the studies. The fourth version produced the best results of all of these types. The biological qualities of the cultivars were negatively altered when the bud particles were supplied in excessive numbers.

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