Evaluation of the Healing Properties of Some Medicinal Plants through the Method of Chemical and Photochemical Analysis

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Ibrokhim R. Askarov, Azizbek S. Xojiqulov, Kobuljon Q. Otakhonov


The article provides information on the methods of assessing the healing properties of localized varieties of persimmons, lemons and pumpkins in the climatic conditions of the region using spectrophotometric, potentiometric and iodometric analysis, as well as aqueous extracts from these fruits have high antioxidant properties. The article also states that it has been found that the content of iodine in 100 g of persimmons is 59.9 mcg, in lemon peel - 0.53 mkg, in a pumpkin - 0.85 mkg, using potentiometric and iodometric analysis.

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