Research on Theoretical Basis of the Parameters of the Rotater Software

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Xudoyarov Anvarjon, M. A. Yuldasheva, M. Muminov, I. Nazirjonov


The article presents the results of research on the theoretical substantiation of the parameters of the rotary softener of the combined unit, which prepares forestry nursery lands for planting. The obtained results show that the combined unit has a radius of rotation of the softener 20 cm, rotation speed 6 m/s, the pitch of the blade is 8-10 cm, the kinematic mode of the rotary softener is
3.1-3.9, the operating speed of the unit is 1.5-1.9 m /s., the distance between the rotary softener discs was found to be 20 cm, and the number of revolutions of the rotary softener should be in the range of 286 r / min.

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