Adhesion of Uropathogenic E. Coli, Pheno - and Genotypic Study in Strains of Different Origins

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Firuza Sapaeva


Literature review reveals that adhesiveness is one of the most critical components of the virulence of uropathogenic strains. In this study, the adhesiveness of urostrains is carried out using two types of fimbria - type 1 fimH (mannose-sensitive - MS) and PaP-fimbria (mannose-resistant - MR).Fimbriae type 1 fimH provides long-term Escherichia in the lower urinary tract, but they are easily removed along with the rejected epithelial cells in the absence of other colonization factors. On the other hand, p (or pap) fimbriae cause long-term fixation of bacteria due to specific binding of receptors of epithelial cells of the upper urinary tract and renal tubules. This significantly distinguishes uropathogens from representatives of the "banal" microflora.

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