Data-Driven Decision Making: Focusing on United General Hospital’s ICU Expansion

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Della J. Schmit


Evidence-based decision making constitutes the integration of best research evidence, patient values and preferences, and clinical expertise in situations such as those involving patient care. The eventuality is that in situations where evidence-based decision making is practice or embraced, considerations focus on some of the past contributions and experiences felt elsewhere, upon which insightful outcomes are applied to a given situation. Sources of such contributions include patient care studies, patient data that has been compiled, and randomized control studies. Some of the benefits accruing from evidence-based decision making (on the part of patients) include improvements in the patients’ quality of life, an increase in the degree of patient safety, and, overall, better patient outcomes. Additional benefits include reductions in medical complications, a feeling of respect for the patients’ situations, preferences, and values, and a state of practice standardization in which predictable outcomes are delivered.

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