Community Healthcare System Improvement: On Framework Efficacy

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Asta N. Mogensen


Founded by Andrew Taylor Sill, the principle that the body has its own medicine chest adopts a holistic approach in which adequate supply to and from other body tissues is critical for the healing and health maintenance processes. Proper functioning of the nervous system is also a foundation of the principle, mechanism aids in proper coordination of actions in other systems and organs. Whereas the principle depicts that the body possesses all requirements for self-healing and health maintenance, osteopathic physicians help the body in utilizing the healing mechanisms. This is a point where physician practices such as counterstrain, the muscle energy technique, the thrust technique, and the lymphatic technique are applicable as they enable the body to utilize the available health maintenance and self-healing mechanisms towards proper functioning of structures. Indeed, the principle that the body has its own medicine chest is critical in informing community pharmacists on the need to provide patients with required forms of care towards optimal utilization of the available mechanisms.

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