Study of Life Forms of Some Species of the Genus Acanthophyllum

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Ruzmatov E. Yu., Tukhtaboeva F. M., Tadjibaev M. U., Usmanov D. D., N. N. Khoshimjonova, Kh. E. Yuldashev


This article is devoted to the study of life forms and the analysis of some species of the genus Acanthophyllum. As observations have shown, common features for the studied taxa are adaptation to arid and dry places of the foothills, midlands, highlands and sandy steppes, extremely high photophilous, exactingness for good aeration of the substrate, and the absence of protective kidney scales.

The species studied by us, by the type of branching and the shape of plants, are bush-shaped shrubs and a normal arboreal type of structures of the conducting system of the stem and root.

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