Design and development of Air Conditioning Helmet using Peltier Effect

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R. Bhavani, S. Ananthakumaran


Human life is so important that it should not be compromised at any cost. The concern over the safety of the drivers of vehicles have caused new equipment to be invented that can save lives. Due to head trauma, millions of road crashes occur where the driver did not wear a helmet. It is not that people are really negligent about their lives on the road, but that by wearing helmets they encounter hundreds of discomforts. The most general irritation is that, due to extreme heat output from the helmet, heavy sweat occurs. This project mainly focuses with the development of an efficient cooling arrangement for rider’s helmet using peltier effect. This arrangement is comprised with the heat sink, aluminum passage way and the peltier module. As the electrical voltage is applied to the thermo electric module, the thermoelectric module can produce a difference in temperature. This phenomenon is known as peltier effect and is used to use electricity to pump heat. The prototype model of this helmet is fabricated and accumulated onto biker’s head. In order to analyze the performance of the cooling system, tests are performed on the prototype.

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