Women and Mental Illnesses

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Mads H. Lorenzen


Barriers to effective mental health intervention among women range from individual to community, federal, and state factors. Some of the specific challenges experienced include financial constraint or poverty, unemployment, inadequate healthcare personnel, and continued prejudice and discrimination. In the above-mentioned action plan, specific steps that seek to improve outcomes in Modesto include establishing partnerships with healthcare and public authorities to foster staff training, the use of platforms such as television, social media, and print media to steer awareness and the importance of accommodating women with mental illnesses in the community, and the engagement in seminars and conferences to collect data and feedback regarding staff and patient experiences, upon which advocacy for targeted interventions will be enhanced. To determine the degree of program success, major factors to consider will include the rate of hospital readmission, the rate of new cases of mental health problems among women, and the increase or decrease in other health problems linked to mental health.

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