Assessment of the State of Intracardiac Hemodynamics of the Mother and Fetoplacental Blood Flow in Women with Myocarditis

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Abdullajonova Kamola Nizomiddinovna, Asatova Munira Miryusupovna, Nadyrkhanova Natalia Suratovna, Dauletova Mekhriban Jarilkasinovna


Diseases of the cardiovascular system in pregnant women predominate among extragenital pathology [2,4,5]. – They account for more than 60 % of all internal organs diseases. They are one of the leading causes of maternal and perinatal mortality, cause serious complications and lead to women disability [4,5]. The rate of cardiac diseases in the maternal mortality structure is from 5 to 32 %, and in the perinatal mortality structure is from 4.3 to 25% [1]. Statistical data of results of the maternal mortality in the United States analysis showed that gestational cardiomyopathy has a leading position in the cardiovascular pathology structure [1,3], and more than half of  the cases occur in myocarditis.

American literature indicates that cardiomyopathy leads to the risk of maternal mortality development in 15-60% of cases [1,4]. The analysis of maternal mortality for the last 5 years in the Republic of Uzbekistan confirmed the data of the leading scientists of the world that requires paying close attention in pregnant women.

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