Medscape Nursing Implications for Contemporary Medication Practice

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Søren E. Hansen


Medscape Nursing forms one of the bodies that foster service provision (among nursing practitioners) by defining some of the services that the groups ought to offer, as well as their rights and responsibilities. The website that focuses on performance-based development systems gives insight into the manner in which the personnel’s ability to complete tasks and perform their roles is evaluated. Indeed, the website strives to examine nursing competencies by partnering with over 500 client hospitals. In both websites, the  insight gained is that gaining an opportunity to participate in team operations forms a crucial turning point regarding workplace interactions. Specifically, the alignment of organizational goals and objectives is central to success in nursing. Additionally, success among members of the team lies in the level of collaboration achieved. Furthermore, embracing workplace diversity is identified as a critical element that aids in achieving the aims and objectives of nursing initiatives. In summary, the websites indicate that successful initiatives (in nursing) are those that are exposed to a flexible team that seeks to respond to the marketplace demand for dynamism. Overall, three reasons account for the increasing use of portfolios. Firstly, the collections inform about nurse preparation and learning processes by promoting ownership and reflection among instructors regarding the learning process. Secondly, portfolios foster assessment processes by presenting nursing firms with information regarding the nurses’ effectiveness. Thirdly, portfolios shape the nature of employment by offering prospective employers with information regarding the nurses’ suitability for the respective positions.

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