Susceptibility of Microbes to Antibiotics in Samples Taken from the Fingers of Cows of the Breed Undergoing Purulent–Necrotic Processes

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Nuriddinov B.Y., Niyazov H. B., Pardaeva Sh. A., Bazarov A. Kh


Purulent on the fingers of cows infected with purulent - necrotic processes in the fingers of farms- samples from necrotic processes are examined for pH, the pH environment in the acute course of the disease should be from 6,5 to 7, when the colonies of microbes are examined, staphylococcus 41,66%, streptococci 58,33%, Escherichia  coli 50%, blue pus Rod 25%, fungi 16,66%, protein 33,33%, enterococcus  33,33%, and the zones formed by antibiotic sensitivity of microbes on impregnated discs 22-28 mm, oxytetracycline+ iodoform+streptocide 21-27 mm on impregnated discs, on impregnated discs 20-23 mm, bitsilin - 5 showed 11-23 mm in impregnated discs and the highest index of zones compared to the Sumar antibiotic-impregnated discs, in which 23-29 mm was noted.

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