Optimization of Process Parameters in Manufacturing Customized Medical Product Using Single Point Incremental Forming

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A. Visagan, P. Ganesh


The Single Point Incremental Forming (SPIF) technique meets today's industry and customer expectations. When small batches must be created, incremental forming facilities have recently been proposed as a cost-effective replacement to stamping technology. They do, however, bring some benefits in terms of flexibility and material formability, as well as some drawbacks, such as a decrease in dimensional accuracy. The SPIF process was chosen for sheet profiling, highlighting the importance of this technique when a single complicated product needs to be created. A specific application is done in this study, taking into consideration the creation of an innovative method for producing a customized medical support. Three different levels of Tool diameter, Step depth, Spindle speed and Feed rate were used for this investigation. Taguchi GRA is used to optimize process parameter values in order to attain the lowest possible forming time, the best possible surface finish and near geometric precision. The production process comes to an end with a measurement of dimensional precision, which shows that the end result is good enough for theconsidered application.

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