Impact of Diabetic Comorbidity on COVID-19: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

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Navin Anand Ingle, Nouf Almutairi, Afnan Saad Almalki, Ali Mohammed Alghulam, Salman Saad Almalki, Mohammed Saad Almalki


Background: Corona virus disease 2019 (COVID 19), a global epidemic has claimed several lives and resulted in devastating outcomes since its inception in 2019 in China. Health professionals are facing tough challenges in combating this disease, the result of which is confounded by several factors. A systematic review and meta analysis was done to assess the impact of diabetic comorbidity on COVID 19 outcome. 

Methods: Literature search from databases of Pubmed, Cochrane, Google Scholar were obtained till June 2021, with key words of “coronavirus”, “mortality”, “COVID 19”, “ICU admission”, “diabetes”. Revmann 5.4 was used to find significant differences in mortality and serious events in diabetes and non – diabetes patients.

Results: A total of 13 studies were included for the final review. A total of 115 deaths were reported in 355 diabetic COVID 19 patients while it 242 patients affected in the non – diabetic group. Diabetic individuals clearly were at greater risk for mortality with OR of 2.50 (95% CI-1.55;4.06) which was significant at p<0.001.

Conclusions: Coexistence of diabetic comorbidity in COVID-19 results in higher risk of mortality and development of  serious events.

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