Effect of Silver Nanoparticles on the Levels of Mineral Blood Elements in Vivo

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Hamsa A. Ali, Mohammed Qais Al Ani, A. S. Obaid


The present study , silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) were synthesized using an atmospheric pressure non-thermal plasma method at (6 min) exposure time. XRD and (FESEM) were used to investigate the structural and morphology properties of the silver nanoparticle. While optical properties were investigated using UV/VIS spectroscopy. This study was designed to investigate the dose and time dependent effect of AgNPs on the levels of Fe, Na, Ca, Cl in the blood of female rats. Rats were divided into (4) groups, each group contains (5) animals. The first group was a control group. The second group was dosed with (170 ppm) Ag nanoparticles ; the third group was dosed with (340 ppm) Ag nanoparticles, and the fourth group was dosed with (680 ppm) Ag nanoparticles.The time between one dose and another was one week. Every week, the blood levels were analyzed. The Fe ,Ca concentrationsin the blood of rats increasedwhen the exposure period and the concentrations of silver nanoparticles were increasedcompared to the control group. There were significant differences in the effects of silver nanoparticles on (Na ,Cl) concentrations in the blood serum with increasing doses and time of treatment.

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