An Unsteady Micropolar Fluid Flow with Heat and Mass Transfer over a Radiative, Permeable vertical plate in Porous Medium

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Utpal Jyoti Das, Mira Das


Objectives: To study the problem of an unsteady flow of micropolar fluid with heat and mass transfer characterization of an incompressible, viscous, rotating fluid over a vertical permeable plate through porous medium under the influence of thermal radiation and Soret effects.

Method: The determining dimensionless equations are solved analytically to obtain the expressions for the velocity, microrotation, temperature and concentration profiles.

Findings/ Novelty: Main purpose is to scrutinize the effect of Soret and radiation on fluid velocity and the impact of different relevant non-dimensional parameters. The influence of relevant parameters on velocity, microrotation, temperature and concentration are discussed using graphs. Also, local skin friction, Nusselt number, couple stress, and Sherwood number are analyzed with the help of tables.

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