Increasing Flavonoid Inkusum Tree’s (Schleicheraoleosa (Lour.) Merr.)Callus Using Sucrose Elicitors

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Ruri Siti Resmisari, Dodyk Pranowo, Lil Hanifah


Kusum tree (Schleicheraoleosa (Lour.) Merr.) is a wild plant with many benefits. The leaf extract containsmedicinal properties,i.e., secondary metabolites such as alkaloids, flavonoids, steroids, phenolics, and tannins. The content of the secondary metabolites can be increased throughin vitro media using growth regulators and elicitors. For example, the use of sucrose as an elicitor can increase the content of flavonoids. This studyexamines the use of varying sucrose concentrations,0 gram/liter (g/l), 10 g/l, 20 g/l, 30 g/l, 40 g/l, and 50 g/l infourcycles to increase the flavonoid in the Kusum tree’s callus. The results showed that the use of sucrose as an elicitor increased the flavonoid, with the 40 g/lconcentration being the most optimum. The callus canreach 1.1550 gram with brownish-green color, a compact texture, and total flavonoids of 100.71 µg QE g.

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