Sensory Acceptability of Sesbania Flower (Sesbaniagradiflora) for Burger Patty

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Arvin C. Iquin


This study examined the acceptability of sesbania flower (SesbaniaGrandilora) in terms of look, scent, texture, flavor, general acceptability, shelf life, and cost when used to manufacture burger patties. Cagayan State University-Sanchez Mira Campus, Sanchez Mira Cagayan. On the other hand, the fourth treatment employed ground beef as a control. The survey included 10 faculty members and 30 students from the school's College of Hospitality Management and College of Business Entrepreneurship and Accounting. The finished goods were appraised by the respondents using a Nine Hedonic Rating Scale modified sensory evaluation score sheet (NHRS). Each of the four treatments was repeated three times. Statistical procedures used included means, standard deviations, one-way ANOVA, and LDS. The null hypotheses were accepted or rejected based on the.01 alpha level. The study indicated that all treatments were "Liked very much" in terms of appearance, fragrance, texture, flavor, and general acceptability. Evaluations of Treatment 4 (25 percent ground beef; 75 percent sesbania) and Treatment 3 (25 percent ground meat; 75 percent sesbania) were "Like lightly." Treatments 1 and 2 were safe to eat for up to 25 days, although the following days had an unpleasant odor. Treatments 3 and 4 are safe for up to 33 days, but not treatment 5. As a result of the findings, the null hypothesis must be rejected because there is a statistically significant difference in the level of acceptability of sesbania when used to manufacture burger patties in terms of aroma, texture, flavor, and overall acceptability.

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