Patient Outcome Quality versus Blood Pressure Management Quality

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Rebecca Aarons


Blood pressure reflects a major public health concern due to serious complications with which the condition’s incidence and prevalence are associated. Therefore, it is important to engage in timely and appropriate management of the condition to ensure that death and complications resulting from the condition are minimized. This investigation was conducted in the form of a cross-sectional prospective study. Particularly, 100 participants were selected for data collection, upon which analysis and interpretations were conducted to gain insight into the subject that was being investigation. The data collection process involved administering semi-structured questionnaires, with the participants’ case notes also reviewed to gain additional data, as well as validate their responses as obtained from the questionnaires. From the findings, the study established that when clinical pharmacists’ services are incorporated into the efforts of the rest of the healthcare teams, there is a significant improvement in the quality of blood pressure management. The improvement is reflected by beneficial attributes such as reduced morbidity, a decrease in the rate of hospitalization, and fewer causes of adverse events; including medication arises that could, otherwise, accrue due to poor coordination at the unit level.

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