Technology of Stage Forrafination of High Gossypol Cotton Oil

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Yulchiev Aslbek Baxtiyorbekovich, Serkayev Qamar Pardayevich, Asqarov Ibrohim Rahmanovich


Introduction:In this work,analyzedthe physicochemical properties of cottonseed oil obtained by exposure to different amounts of monoethanolamine.

Aim:Separation of gossypol substance in high gossypol cottonseed oil as a separate commodity.

Methods:Experiments were performed by adding 0.1, 0.2 and 0.3% of monoethanolamine to the crushedcottonseed mass.Cotton seeds were processed for 13-15 minutes using ultra-high frequency beams with a power of 300 W at a frequency of 2450 MHz.

Results: When the optimal amount of monoethanolamine was 0.2%, the fat yield was 97.8% and the amount of free gossypol in the oil was 0.011-0.025%.

Conclusion:In the refining of cottonseed oil using monoethanolamine, the consumption of monoethanolamine is 0.2% of the fat mass for oils obtained using traditional and recommended methods.Processing of monoethanolamineat 0.2% by weight of oil to maximize the binding of gossypol to the maximum separation of gossypol from high-gossypol cottonseed oil obtained by processing cottonseeds using ultra-high-frequency rays.

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