The Possibility of Controlling Ecosystems to Reduce the Effect of the Corona Virus by Using Easibreathe Compounds

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Sarmad Mahdi Kadhum Alghanimi, Ahmed Abdulameer Farhood


Our current research includes the possibility of controlling the ecosystem and using the disinfection method to protect from the impact of infection with the coronavirus, by relying on the evaporation mechanism by placing an amount of the Indian product(Easibreathe compounds) that consists of a mixture of disinfection materials used for the purposes of breathing and disinfection (Camphore , Chlorothymole , Eucalyptol , Menthol , Terpineol inhalation capsule). The process of controlling the ecosystem and the respiratory environment in public and private places is done by placing this product compound consisting of the aforementioned compounds in an evaporator(fumigator), that contains a normal amount of water and has an integrated system to raise the water temperature and a control mechanism for the stability of this temperature. There is also a mechanism to evaporate the water and push the volatile steam to the outside environment.This method works to completely eliminate the presence of the virus in the areas where this mechanism is carried out, in addition to it is the ideal method that is used to revitalize the respiratory system and prevent the continued presence of the virus in the airways that make up the respiratory system, starting from the nose and mouth down to the pulmonary alveoli , and alveoli sacs. In fact, this type of treatment leads to disruption of the virus when it enters the pulmonary alveoli, as it cleanses the internal environment of those alveoli, in addition to preventing viruses from attaching to the epithelial layer of the pulmonary alveoli. Consequently, the virus cannot complete its life cycle inside the respiratory system and eliminate it and completely remove it.

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