Molecular and Morphological Identification of Cestodes Parasites from Goat in Aurangabad District (M.S.) India

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Dr. Sunita Borde, Ashwini Bhosale, Dr. Amol Thosar


Cestode parasite i.e. Stilesia species of goat are collected from intestines in Aurangabad district (M.S.) India, were subjected to a complete parasitological examination. Cestode parasites were processed for morphological and morphometric analysis aimed at identifying them to the species level. Cetsode parasites identity was confirmed through amplification and sequencing of COI-5P gene marker. Phylogentic analysis of COI-5P gene marker of Stilesia Sp. showed that it claded with Thysaniezia connochaeti from isolated with a sequence similarity index of 85%. Thus, the molecular and morphological identification revealed thatthe species of cestode parasites i.e. Stilesia globosa, Sp.Nov.

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