The Effect of Phlavonoids on Precisely Oxidation of Lipids of the Membrane of the Rat Liver Mitochondria, Poisoned with Pesticides

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Parpieva M., Mirhamidova P., Pozilov M., Tuychieva D.


The effects of pesticide-poisoned rat liver mitochondria peroxidation of lipids product on malondialdehyde levels of soforoflavonozideand narcissine were studied in terms of 10, 20, 30, and 40-day dynamics. In rats, indoxacarb and galoxyphop-R-methyl pesticides were administered once with a special probe at a dose of LD50 1/10. Haloxyphop-R-methyl and indoxacarb pesticides were administered orally to experimental groups at a dose of 10 mg / kg soforoflavonozideand 10 mg / kg of narcissine flavonoid once daily for 10 days.

Under the influence of pesticides, a sharp increase in the intensity of mitochondrial membrane peroxidation of lipidswas observed. Selected plant substances soforoflavonozide and narcissine flavonoids were observed to reverse some extent in mitochondrial changes caused by pesticides. In these experiments, the antitoxic properties of narcissine were shown to be effective against the soforoflavonozide flavonoid.

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