The Chemical Analysis of Climate – Adapted Matricaria Chamomilla L. Plant Raw Materials in the Conditions of the Khorezm Oasis

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N. A. Khudayberganov, B. Yo. Tukhtayev, I. I. Abdullaev, Kh. M. Bobakulov, S. Z. Nishanbayev, S. Kh. Babadjanova, E. T. Akhmedov


This article discusses the results of research on the chemical composition of volatile compounds and the main biologically active substances in the raw material of climate-adapted medicinal chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla L.) in the Khorezm Oasis, belonging to the Asteraceae family. Based on the results obtained, Matricaria chamomilla L. is considered suitable for cultivation in the soil-climatic conditions of Khorezm Oasis, and its raw material has been proven to fully meet all the requirements in terms of chemical composition and appearance.

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