Synthesis of Urease That Contributes to Maintaining Blood Concentration in Wounds and Blood StreamFrom Staphylococcusaureus.

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Ali Abulridha Abbas, Hassanain Jwad Abidalhussein, Sarmad Mahdi Kadhum Alghanimi


Our current research includes studying the possibility of using the urease enzyme produced by Staphylococcusaureus in maintaining the stability of the blood concentration level. It enables it to take its role in maintaining the balance of the blood concentration level, that is, it prevents blood clotting from happening inside the body on the one hand, and performs its function in completing the blood clotting process when wounds occur on the other hand, and this process is done through the production of an enzyme whose acid function (PH) ) is neutral, and its concentration allows maintaining the concentration and flow of blood in the bloodstream of the circulatory system.The stages included in the manufacture of the enzyme urease are starting with isolating and diagnosing the bacteria under standard conditions through which bacteria are cultured as a first step, followed by the second step that includes the extraction and purification of the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus through a secondary culture process. Sedimentation and extraction by centrifugation, and chromatography through ion exchange.

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