A Survey of Sarcophaga spp. (Diptera:Sarcophagidae) in Basrah province, Iraq

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Tahseen Ali Yassir, Alaa Nadhim Hatem


The study was conducted from October 2021 to November 2022 to study the genus Sarcophaga belong to the family Sarcophagidae in Basrah province. It included a morphologic diagnostic. Six permanent stations were chosen for the collection of flesh flies, distributed in the districts of Qurna, Al-Hartha, Shatt Al-Arab, Basrah Center, Abu Al-Khasib and Al-Zubair. A number of temporary sites were chosen. Eight species belonging to the genus Sarcophaga were recorded in the study, namely:

Sarcophaga (Bercaea) africa Wiedemann, 1824, Sarcophaga (Liopygia) argyrostoma Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 , Sarcophaga (Liopygia) crassipalpis Macquart, 1839 , Sarcophaga (Liopygia) ruficornis Fabricius, 1794 , Sarcophaga (Liosarcophaga) dux Thomson, 1869 , and Sarcophaga (Phytosarcophaga) destructor Malloch, 1929. The following species were recorded in Iraq for the first time: Sarcophaga dux, Sarcophaga destructor.

      A number of morphological characteristics were adopted to identification the genera and species of the family, such as the shape of the antenna, the distribution of spines on the body, the male genetalia and female genitalia. The most important characteristic that was focused on and adopted is the male genitalia because it is the best way to confirm the diagnosis.

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