Formulation and Evaluation of Novel Herbal Toothpaste in Oral Care Cosmetology

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Sobia Gul Salman, Syed Waleed Ahmed Bokhari, Hira Ahmed, Uzma asad, Sara Naqvi, Rubab Kiran, Saira Faraz Shah, Syed Muhammad Umer Gilani, Asma Noor, SafiaAbidi, Sumreen Mujahid



Oral hygiene is essential to a person's overall health. To develop an oral care cosmeceutical as tooth whitening formulation, propane extract of whole peel (WBP) and inner peel of banana (BPI) Musa paradisiaca L. were prepared and evaluated for their phytoconstituents. The extracts (WBP) and (BPI) were then used to prepare teeth whitening formulations T2 and T3. The formulations were evaluated with respect to their physico-chemical parameters, stability studies and in-vitro cosmeceutical use as tooth whitening agents in comparison with the commercial standard formulation T4. Statistical results are expressed as : Mean ± S.E.M (n=10), the values *P≤0.05 is significant as compared to  placebo, **P≤0.01 is very significant as compared to placebo, ***P≤0.001 is highly significant as compared to  placebo.

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