The Phytochemical Analysis of two Different Species Belongs Togenes Argemon L. of Rajasthan

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Shahdab Hussain, Jayant Sharma


Argemonmexicana L.and Argemone ochroleuca is the most important plant of Papaveraceae family. The poppy family, which includes 44 genera and 825 species of flowering plants. Herbaceous plants predominate in this family, although there is also one genus of tiny tropical trees and a few woody shrubs. It originates in India but may be found flourishing anywhere with a tropical or subtropical climate.ArgemonmexicanaL. is one such wildly growing weed in almost all their regions of Rajasthan.It is used as anti-dibetic,anti-fertility,anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal. Tumors, warts, skin disorders, inflammations, rheumatism, jaundice, leprosy, microbiological infections, and malaria are only some of the conditions that benefit from its use.This paper is such deals with secondary metabolites like Tannins,Saponins,Alkaloid,Flavonoids,Phenols, Terpenoid, Coumarins, Antheroquinoms and Steroids.

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