Correlation Between Gestational Diabetes and Abnormal Vaginal Flora with Adverse Outcomes of Pregnancy

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Nithya Rengaraj, Ramya Rengaraj, Pornima Chahande


Objective:Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is an independent risk factor for vaginal infection and is linked to poor perinatal outcomes. This study examined the links between aberrant vaginal flora and unfavourable pregnancy outcomes and Gestational diabetes and abnormal vaginal flora.

Methods:Pregnant women were recruited for this prospective cohort research. To evaluate fetomaternal outcomes, the participants were divided into 2 groups (GDM and non-GDM) and monitored till delivery. Samples from the vagina were taken at 24-28 weeks and 34-38 weeks.

Results: Females with an abnormal vaginal flora had a higher likelihood of PROM (P =.001), premature labour (P =.04), and puerperal infection (P =.001) than females with GDM and a normal flora (P =.001). Compared to healthy pregnant women, individuals with GDM had a greater risk of vaginal infections. Abnormal vaginal flora was linked to both GDM and poor pregnancy outcomes.Conclusion:Patients with GDM had an increased prevalence of vaginal infections when compared to otherwise healthy pregnant women. Both GDM and aberrant vaginal flora were shown to be connected with unfavourable outcomes for the pregnancy.

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