Study of the Mitotic Changes of Lymphocyte of People Working in the Field of Dental Radiology

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Asrar Kamil Salman, Sada Jasim Abdulameer, Hasanen Hashim Qasim


Background and Objectives: A study of the changes in the rate of cell division in the mitotic phase for workers in the field of dental x-ray diagnostics in the city of Wasit Governorate and the diagnosis of those changes resulting from continuous exposure to radiation.

Exposure and Methods: The number of cells exposed to dental X-rays was examined and studied using cytogenetic analysis to detect the rate of cell division resulting from ionizing radiation after collecting blood samples from those who were exposed to Al-Zahraa and Al-Karama Teaching Hospital as well as from Taiba Specialized Center in addition to dental clinics in Wasit.

 Results: found that there were significant differences between all the four study groups and the control group, where the( p-value  >0.05) where was (0.01),(0.004). This is due to the low rate of mitotic index In the group (1) = (2.47±0.32) , to (2) = (3.43±0.21), compared to (3) = (2.50 ±0.44),(4) = ( 3.50 ±0.44) Where she was and ( p-value  >0.05)(0.034)(0.001).

Conclusion: The lowest susceptibility to lymphocyte division observed in X-ray technicians working for more than 10 years decreased the ability of cells to proliferate indefinitely causing cumulative exposure and this makes it possible to estimate the predictive risks of cancer.

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