Evaluation of Anti-Diabetic Activity of Isolated Fractions of Aeglemarmelos

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Ch. Sampath Kumar, P. Pandian, A. Madhukar


The present study focuses on the determination of the anti-diabetic activity of the extracted fractions of Aegle marmelosin rats with diabetes induced through STZ. The 20 mg/kg and 40 mg/kg doses of Aegle marmeloswere given to the rats for 28 days. The antidiabetic activity was compared to the standard pioglitazone at a dose of 2.7 mg/kg, by measuring blood glucose through accu-chek active test meter. The results revealed that Aegle marmeloshad significant anti-diabetic activity. Also, the Aegle marmelosremained safe till 300 mg/kg in acute toxic and 1000 mg/kg in sub-acute toxic studies and had photochemically. From these findings it can be inferred that Aegle marmeloshas lowered FBG in experimentally induced diabetic rats.

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