Awareness about Covid-19 Vaccines among Undergraduate Dental Students in India

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Johnson John, Benley George, Rino Roopak Soman, Rajeev Aravindakshan, Justin John


Background: COVID-19 is the most recent infectious disease to become a pandemic. The disease emerged  as  a  pneumonia-like  disease  of  unknown  origin  in  Wuhan,  China;  and  later  spread rapidly across the world becoming a pandemic.

Aim: To assess the awareness about Covid 19 vaccines among undergraduate dental students in India. Methods:  A  cross  sectional  study  was  conducted  among  undergraduate  dental  students  in  India.  A structured questionnaire were distributed to students in electronic format.   The level of significance was P<0.05.

Results:A  total  of  1034  undergraduate  dental  students  participated  in  the  survey.  Majority  of  the participants were not aware of the country of origin of various vaccines. The participants had a poor level of knowledge pertaining to the efficacy of the vaccines.

Conclusion: The level of knowledge about the various COVID 19 vaccines among dental students was found to be inadequate.

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