Provided Youth Employment and Reduced Poverty Infrastructure Organization Tours Economic Efficiency Increasing Opportunities

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Ibrohim Salamov, Nazarova Maryam Sharifovna, Kazakova Zulaiho Salokhiddinovna, Jonibekov Fakhriddin Beknazarovich


The comparison of the 2019–2021 economic analysis outcomes in the areas of employment creation, poverty reduction, housing assistance for low-income families, crop and livestock breeding, and solutions to food security issues are offered. The organization of certain forms of infrastructure, such as "Dala-dasturkhan," "Vetapteka-livestock complex," and "Field-livestock complex," as well as their solutions, were recommended and suggested in scientifically useful ways. Profit, level of profitability, service (infrastructure) implementation kinds, and a list of sources utilized are all provided.

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