A Comprehensive Review on the Process of Teaching and Learning English Language through Literature

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Dr. G. Gayathiri Devi, Dr. K. Krishna veni, Dr. D. Sarulatha, Dr. S. Brindha, Dr. M. Richard Robert Raa, Dr. S. Rajakumari,


This paper tries to highlight the use of English literature as a popular method for teaching
both fundamental and advanced concepts. Several key considerations for choosing appropriate
literary texts in foreign language schools are emphasized in order to familiarize the reader with the
fundamental justifications and standards that language teachers use and choosing literary works.
Moreover, the advantages of various literary genres, language instruction and literary forms,
language instruction, and some issues language teachers in the field of instructing English through
literature encounter. Lack of clearly defined objectives, lack of preparation in the area of literary
education in TESL/TEFL programmes Lack of foundation and training for language teachers in
defining the importance of literature in ESL/EFL Lack of pedagogically suitable elements in
literature that language teachers can use in a teaching setting) are considered.

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