Tasks Set for the Players in Developing Volleyball Game Techniques

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Genjabay Kutlimurotovich Utepbergenov


In this article, a summary of the tasks set before the players in mastering the technique of the volleyball game is described.

Volleyball, sport, technique, game, skill, action, attack, defense, ball, method, team.

Volleyball belongs to the types of sports games and differs from them in terms of its content and characteristics. The volleyball game is played on a relatively small, rectangular 18x9 meter square, which is divided equally in the middle. The two teams consisting of 6 people are bounded by the middle line and the net passing through the middle of the field, the game is played with the ball on this net. Modern volleyball is extremely rich in various game skills and tactical combinations, and it takes place at a great intensity and speed. In competitive games, the more extensive and perfectly developed technical skills are in relation to external influences, the more opportunities there are to win.

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