The Role of Livestock Waste in Dismenation of Args in the Natural Environment

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Yathrib Al-Ubaidy, Amjed Alsultan


The abundance exposure to antibiotics for agriculture and clinical purposes, lead to widespread of antibiotic resistance bacteria (ARB) and antibiotic resistance genes ARGs in natural environment. Bacteria that containing ARGs are discharged from livestock farms to environments. Most of antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) are existent on mobile genetic elements, like transposon, plasmid, and integrons which can be switch between species of bacteria by horizontal gene transfer (HGT). This study conducted to evaluate role of livestock waste in dissemination of ARGs to the nature enivroment. Manure samples form livestock animal were tested for prsence and adundanc of integron type 1 and associated resistance gene cassettes using qPCR , DNA sequencing and and basic local alignment search tool.the result show that integron class1 were prevelant in farm animal manure .We found that protrein of efflux pump , antibiotic resistance , heavy metal resistance , membrane protein and DNA repair protein are main protins family  carried by gene cassette  which detected in the manure samples. Notably, Most resistance-related gene cassettes were associated with the genes encoding resistance to sulphonamide (Sul1) and quaternary ammonium compound. The evidenc from this study indicate that livestock manure served as resevior of integrons and ARGs and it may be hotspot for horizontal transmission of ARGs.

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