Characteristics of Coagulation Hemostasis in Corona Virus Infection

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Kurbonova Z. Ch., Babadzhanova Sh.A.


Studying the activity of coagulation hemostasis in the main groups of coronavirus infection helps to prevent life-threatening complications . In the clinical study, 350 patients were examined, including 100 patients with mild, 150 moderate and 100 severe coronavirus infections. Coagulation hemostasis indicators did not reliably change in patients with mild coronavirus infection, but hypercoagulation was detected in moderate and severe coronavirus infection: active partial thromboplastin time decreased by 26 - 40%, INR decreased to 0.79 ± 0.05*, thrombin time 22, decreased by 3-45.2%, fibrinogen increased by 37.4 - 58.6%, D dimer increased by 69% and more.

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