Frequency of Primary Infertility in Women Having Fibroid Uterus

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Rozal Asif Gicjki, Najma Ghaffar


Uterine leiomyomas are the most common benign tumors of female genital tract, with a prevalence of 30-50%. The common symptom with which patients with fibroid uterus come to the outpatient is heavy menstrual bleeding. Infertility is commonly associated with myomas. The majorities of patients are either nulliparous or of low parity. Fibroids are responsible 5% of cases of infertility. To determine the frequency of primary infertility in women suffering from fibroid uterus. The cross sectional designed was used in the study. The study was conducted atGynecologyandObstetricsDepartment,BolanMedicalComplexHospitalQuetta. Patients presenting with fibroid uterus admitted through outpatient department were included in the study according to inclusion criteria. Their leiomyomas were diagnosed on ultrasound. Total 203 patients were included in the study. The mean age of patientswas28.49yearswithstandarddeviationof4.827years.Outof203patients of fibroid, 21 (10.34%) patients had infertility while 182 (89.6 6%)patients had no infertility. Out of 203 patients, 75 (36.95%) patients hadsingle fibroid while 128 (63.05%) had multiple fibroids. 89 patients hadposterior wall fibroids, 76 patients had anterior wall fibroids, 35 patientshadfundalfibroidswhile3patientshadcervicalfibroids. Fibroidis oneof theimportant causesof infertility inyoungpatients withlow parity but multipara is not spared. Sensitization of women to reportearlyforassessmentofinfertilityisadvocated.

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