Damage and Control Measures of the Nutworm (Sarrothripus Musculana Ersch.)

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Mirzayeva Saidahon Abdusalomovna


The nutworm (Sarrothripus musculana Ersch.) Belongs to the family of “shuttle makers” (Cymbidae). Widely distributed in Uzbekistan and is of great negative economic importance. The damage of fruits it reaches 40-50%, and in some areas 80% or more. The nuts damaged by the first-generation caterpillars completely fall off, the second-generation caterpillars feed on the pericarp, while      2-3 caterpillars can feed on one nut. Fruits have dark spots on the pericarp. In addition, in lean years, the caterpillars feed on the core of the shoots, which leads to their drying out.

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