Medical Implications for Home Births vs. Hospital Births

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Natasja N. Bak


In this study, mixed outcomes arise regarding the debate of whether to opt for home births or hospital births. Whereas hospital births are advantageous for mothers at risk for medical interventions, especially after the onset of labor, home births prove beneficial and less costly for low-risk women. In hospital settings, emergency equipment and personnel are available in case of the need for medical attention or the mother develops complications, making the setting more preferable than home births that require last-minute transfers to hospitals – in case of medical problems, putting both the mother and the unborn child at risk. It is also notable that for the case of hospital births, there is the availability of immediate pediatric attention, implying that the baby does not necessarily have to be taken off-site for the pediatrician’s routine examination. However, home births tend to be preferred because women have control over the birthing process and are less likely to be exposed to infections, which is the case for hospital births that are associated with hospital-acquired infections in some cases.

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